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At the heart of Doppl is the bio-base, a global, crowd-sourced database of biological samples that is used to power critical research and drug development. Citizen donors benefit from the studies they support, whilst always retaining control over their biological data. Working together with hospitals and laboratories, the Doppl community is bringing about a new age of personalized medicine for everyone.

Our mission

Doppl SA is a leader in engineering industry-standard organoids for disease modeling and personalized medicine. We engage in partnered projects for preclinical drug development by providing relevant, high-quality, and scalable organoid models.


Compound profiling

Doppl provides a toxicity screening service using an established model of human healthy gastro-intestinal organoids.

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Model development

Doppl develops customized organoid lines that accurately model your tissues or diseases of interest.

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Epithelial fluid transport

Doppl provides a screening of epithelial fluid transport using an established model of human healthy gastro-intestinal organoids.

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Deepen your insights into your oncology programs with our models of various indications.

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Inflammatory diseases

Define the optimal therapeutic approach for your inflammatory diseases with our panel of gastrointestinal organoid models

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Rare diseases

Explore the landscape of therapeutic approaches using our advanced screening platform.

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Choose the right immunotherapy approach using our standardized tumor-immune cell co-culture workflow

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Investigate the ADME-Tox profile of your compounds of interest on our portfolio of various healthy organoid models.

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Jeroen Van den Oever

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie Brandenberg

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Aline Roch

Head of R&D

Francesco Piraino

Head of Product Management

Elisa Heinzelmann

Associate Product Manager

Victor Anstett

Product Development Lead

Mariana Costa

Senior Scientist

Camilla Ceroni

Senior Scientist

Pascaline Sirugue

Junior Scientist

Katia Antoniello

Laboratory Manager

Juliane Dervaux

Bioinformatics Engineer

Ogier Bouvier

Software Engineer

Antonius Chrisnandy

Program Manager

Olivier Naret

Senior Bioinformatics Lead

Franck Lesage

Head of Software Engineering

Virginie Garnier

Junior Marketing Specialist

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